How to Increase Your Potential in Any Area You Want

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Look around, is everything vibing at it's greatest potential? No, not really. There is a lot of out of balance things going on. Many things are not being done in the most harmonious way, or even close. My point here is not to dwell in the negative, but to recognize that there is a whole lot of room to make changes for the better and to do that we can to learn, create and modify new ways in any level of existence.

Either we open our minds to redesign what we think we know or we flow along with what we have been taught. I believe that every area of human existence needs to be addressed continuously. Fortunately, there are many people interested in many things and true change is a collective experience that takes place over time.

We are vibrational creatures that are sensitive to our environment in every possible way. What does this mean? We are influenced consciously and unconsciously(95%) by everything happening around us at all times, in very subtle ways to very obvious. It means that what we eat, drink, hear, see, smell, breathe, what time of day, what day, who is near us, thinking of us, looking at us is affecting us in some way and it all depends on how we are designed.

Our beliefs about the world, ourselves, what we deserve, how beautiful we are, every thought is designed by our personal journey, by all our experiences. It goes beyond us, to all the current and past experiences of the whole earth and the minds of everything on it. It goes deeper than we can ever know because it is endless.

So know what you know and know what you don't know and seek to know more about what your want to know.

It is infinitely complex and also can be very simple.  Lets look at the fundamentals.

  • Eat pure food.
  • Drink pure water.
  • Breath clean air.
  • Hang out with positive people that inspire you.
  • Keep your living space clean and have only things in it that feel good.
  • Take time train and nurture your mind with positive affirmations, prayers, video, books, music and other materials that inspires you to be who you want to be. 
  • Take time to train and nurture your body with different kinds of movement exercise, stretching, touch, bathing, dance, martial arts, yoga, parkor, etc. Explore what is available and try it.

Basically, take as much control over what you can is influencing you in your life as much as you can yo be more and more to the ideal existence you desire. At the same time you need accept the circumstances that are currently not in your power to change. Life is balance and like walking, we take it one step at a time.

Remember keep it simple. There will always be room for growth, things to do and something we can work on. Pick one thing or a few at a time and make them a habit, part of your environmental influence that you choose to have creating you future you. 

Here is a video of me playing guitar with a 432hz tuning(rather than 440hz). I keep finding new information that brings me closer to the natural flow of the Universe. This is a simple little change in tuning that creates vibrations that embody all/many of the geometric building blocks. 

Tune in next week for more about 432 and other tools and techniques for greater connection.

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