3 Simple & Powerful Techniques to Protect Your Energy

                          Golden Bubble Camouflage.

                          Golden Bubble Camouflage.

Do you like going out, but get overwhelmed by all the people and energy?

Are you tired of being drained by Energy Vampires and Space Invaders? 

Know people who talk and talk and talk and don't give you space, and you got things to do?

I know all these things more than I like, so I have some techniques I put in my tool box that helps me contain my energy, not take on other people stuff and bypass long uncomfortable waits just to try to say to someone, "I got to go, see ya."

We all deal with boundary issues all the time on so many levels. From the people in our lives, to the walls that keep our home warm of the coldest days of the years, to the global challenges of human and nature rights. We are all individual spaces interacting in bigger spaces with smaller spaces interacting inside of ourselves.

Every individual space either flows between, interacts harmoniously with or disrupts the other spaces. To flow with and interact in harmony, we must be aware of our own space, the spaces around us and how they are being affected by us and us by them. Our core resonance is a vibrational energetic musical instrument in an orchestra with all of creation all of the time. 

We all need energy. Some get it from nature, exercise, nutrient healthy foods and other healthy activities. Energy can also be taken or received from other people. We all may dip into lower level expressions at times when we get ill, pushed past our limits or triggered in some way and become a drain. I truly am sorry for ever being a drain to anyone and wish to always be a funnel for the Divine Energy to flow into the world.

So if you would like to not be drained by other people, I have 3 things you can do to empower yourself; a meditation, a posture and an action.

The Golden Bubble Meditation

This Golden Bubble Meditation is very powerful and will give you greater energetic strength. It is helpful to do before going into public spaces. I remember using this meditation before going into a bar that had music I wanted to hear in Sedona, Arizona, and as I was walking in the brass door handle reminded me of this technique and I clearly remember feeling amazed at how clear I felt when I left and how I not as challenged as I would usually be with so many people in that environment.  This single meditation has helped my life be so much easier when I was more vulnerable to my insecurities of being around other people.

So here it is. Simple. Imagine a golden bubble around your body.  You may start out just knowing it is there and eventually you will be able to see it in your mind. Your intention is the most important part and will become more powerful with time.

Now we give the golden bubble 3 important qualities.

1: The Golden Bubble is a Mirror and reflects energy you don't want, like people projections.

2: The Golden Bubble is Rubber and other people energy bounces off of it.

3: The Golden Bubble is Slick so no ones energy can stick to it.  

Easy, imagine a golden bubble, it is a mirror, it is rubber, it is slick. 

The Energy Container Postures

Next is a set of postures that will really help your energy from being drained when you are at work, around a vampire or in a challenging conversation. We all have meridians in our body and there are ends to these meridians at the finger tips, tips of the toes and a few other spots on the body. Also the power center below the belly button is a place energy can be pulled from us. These techniques will help stop or reduce the drain of energy from others.

The hands are the easiest place to start. You can bring your hands together in many ways to be effective. Palm to palm with fingers clasped will create a closes circuit for the meridians in the hands. To enhance this, bring your hands to your belly at or just below your belly button. Crossing your legs at the ankles will also close meridians of the feet enhancing your containment of energy. You may notice people who deal with a lot of costumers do this with their hands naturally cause it feels better not to be drained by another person.

Walk Away

Finally if you come across one of those people that won't let a word in and your fed up, just walk away. Do it, just walk away. It feels really empowering to let your actions speak and not have to be "nice", or "do the right thing" when you are feeling assaulted by some hungry human.  Speaking up is great too, if you get the chance.

Hope the first 2 techniques are really helpful and hope you never need to use the last one.

Try these techniques and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Peace and Love,



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