3 Ways to Release Emotional Trauma and Feel Better Quick

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We can all be overwhelmed by our emotions at times. How long this affects our life can be from a few moments, a few days or even our whole life if it is never addressed.  

There is an incredible amount of depression and unresolved emotions in this day and age and most of us were taught to be strong, suppress it and not talk about it. I got tired if that and did something about it and you can too.

Emotion, is energy in motion. Energy is like water. Our traumas and disempowered beliefs are like a dam that stops this flow of energy. When it builds up enough, the dam breaks and we have a flood of emotion that usually is directed at whoever triggered the dam to finally break. 

This is why I want to share with you a few exercises that will help you release built up anxiety, frustration, and sorrow.

All the energy that gets stuck inside us just needs to be honored and expressed in some way. Something has happened to us that needs to be given attention and expression.  Focus on the feeling you are having then try one or more of the techniques below and let it go.

Sound it out

Our voice is one of the most powerful tools we have to express ourselves. Here are a few ways I use sound to let it go.

  • Toning or humming is a great place to start. See if you can let yourself naturally match you feelings with the sound. It may take some practice to move past the part of the mind that fights against you empowering yourself, but once you do, the sounds will take you on a journey of releasing and feeling better. How cool is that?
  • Screaming is one of the most powerful agents on the planet for releasing deep wounds. Unless you are out in the wilderness and get all primal, I recommend using a pillow to scream into. You may have to fake it till you make it, but this has the potential for a dramatic life changing experience. Some tissue and chocolate is good to have on hand.
  • Singing along with your favorite songs, ones with positive messages. You don't want to feed the drama with 80's rock.  I have lots of recommendations for your listening pleasure.

Move it out

Movement is another great way to express ourselves and release energy. Any tension or pain in the body often reflects some energy we have taken on. Here are some different ways I like to move things out of my body.

  • Stretching expands our muscles and makes space in our body and can relive the pressure by making more space within us. It also helps to unbind the energy from our muscles to move it out easier.  Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, free flow, how ever you want.  I have explored many ways of moving and like to mix it up and use them all.
  • Dancing is probably the funnest way for most people and with the music it help us move past the mind into a mental space that allows us to let it all go. It can also bring stuff up and I find I need to do some stretching too.
  • Walking in Nature is a wonderful way to be able to move, breathe fresh air, contemplate or just observe the surroundings. Nature brings us back to our Nature.
  • Exercise really gets things moving and gets you sweating too, which is a physical release and all physical matter is energy, so let it go. 

Breathe it out

Breathe is life, it is energy and it is always available for us to use in strategic ways. We can breath in with love, power, healing light or anything we can imagine and it goes into and feeds every cell in our body. We can breathe out our pain, worries, more love or whatever we feel we need to and it is coming out of all our cells. As we breathe, our cells breathe and the Earth breathes.

  • Just stop and breathe. Simple. Breath in and out, nice and deep. Take as long as you need. It don't need to be complicated to be useful. We can always add a little here and there to enhance it. 
  • The Sufi Circular breath or Sacred G Breath is a powerful way balance our energy and calm our mind.
  • "All Love" breath meditation is also great, check out that blog here.

Now if you want to take it to the next level, you can combine these practices together in different combinations or in different ways to achieve optimal results.  

For an example, I like to bounce gently in the shower(not to slip) and tone out sounds. Water is great for releasing emotions, is cleansing and easy to imagine all my worries running down the drain. I will often think about positive affirmations or just let my mind go into the toning to the point I the observer of the sounds coming out, rather than creating them from my mind or ego.

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I have worked with a lot of people over the years with these tools and many more and have witness people get on my healing table so heavy with grief, to almost seeming to float around after they have just screamed their butt's off. The cool thing is it is us who does the work. We scream, breathe, move, sing, and dance our way to greater emotional freedom.

May you feel better and happier every day from this day forth. Peace Y'all