3 Simple Ways to Start Your Day & Stay Connected.

do you sometimes feel like it is difficult or time consuming to stay connected, and centered in these very busy times?  

My whole life has been this way, in and out of depression, feeling disconnected coming to a point where I had an experience of connection, flow and synchronicity. Once I had this experience, I wanted it more. It took me years of study, practice and transformation to begin to be able to tap into that flow feeling on a regular basis. Now it is what I experience most the time. I still get down on my self sometimes and it can be intense, but it is not my everyday experience like it use to be.

Ever since I started to feel better about myself in my life, my wish was to share what I had worked so hard to overcome and help make it easier for others. So here are 3 simple things you can do to stay connected and feel better about yourself.


How to Start the Day in a Good Way

Having a morning practice can set the stage for you to be more connected throughout the day. You can do this while still in bed, in the bathroom or outside. Find what works best for you at this time in your life and be open to the changes that may flow with the seasons or just as you change. Here are some examples of what I have done in my life:

  1. Before having a child come wake me up at my bed side to start my day, I would take these first moments to do some meditation and energy work with myself. Often I would place one hand on my chest to connect with my heart and place my other hand at different places that I wanted to work with. I would focus breathing deeply, imagine light, and say some affirmations or prayers for the day. It is a good thing to start off the day giving thanks. This could take a few seconds to many minutes.
  2. I like to use white board markers and write and draw positive messages on my bathroom mirror. I find doing affirmations while looking and touching my heart to dramatically enhance to power of this mind altering practice. This is a great way to get a positive reflection to start the day off with some very powerful intentions for the change you desire.
  3. Having a water container that you have with you through the day can be a good anchor to you morning practice. I like to infuse positive affirmations and prayers into my water and then intend that my subconscious mind will repeat these messages every time I take a drink. This magnifies the affirmations and prayers. Our mind is a powerful tool and is working all the time in ways we are not aware of and we can condition it to work for us.

Play around and mix it up. See what works for you and make it your practice.  It is best to try to keep it simple and remember it takes some time and dedication to get huge results, though you may find a big shift in how you feel on the first day you try this. Good luck and have fun!