Just Do it!

Each journey always begins with the first step. It is easy to get caught up in the steps beyond, yet without the first one, none can follow. It is good to be prepared, yet just being prepared is not enough. We must step, through the door of our own ideas and beliefs into the journey, the experience.

My first step is to create and share this video and blog. I have been better one on one with communication. I tend to be more challenges to communicate to groups, so creating videos has challenged me. I am breaking free, here you go.


I am also excited to share that I am launching a new class called with my awesome wife Kara (www.karamariaananda.com). It is called Conscious Questing, A 7 Week Online Adventure Course for Manifesting a Magical Life.
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3 Simple Ways to Start Your Day & Stay Connected.

do you sometimes feel like it is difficult or time consuming to stay connected, and centered in these very busy times?  

My whole life has been this way, in and out of depression, feeling disconnected coming to a point where I had an experience of connection, flow and synchronicity. Once I had this experience, I wanted it more. It took me years of study, practice and transformation to begin to be able to tap into that flow feeling on a regular basis. Now it is what I experience most the time. I still get down on my self sometimes and it can be intense, but it is not my everyday experience like it use to be.

Ever since I started to feel better about myself in my life, my wish was to share what I had worked so hard to overcome and help make it easier for others. So here are 3 simple things you can do to stay connected and feel better about yourself.


How to Start the Day in a Good Way

Having a morning practice can set the stage for you to be more connected throughout the day. You can do this while still in bed, in the bathroom or outside. Find what works best for you at this time in your life and be open to the changes that may flow with the seasons or just as you change. Here are some examples of what I have done in my life:

  1. Before having a child come wake me up at my bed side to start my day, I would take these first moments to do some meditation and energy work with myself. Often I would place one hand on my chest to connect with my heart and place my other hand at different places that I wanted to work with. I would focus breathing deeply, imagine light, and say some affirmations or prayers for the day. It is a good thing to start off the day giving thanks. This could take a few seconds to many minutes.
  2. I like to use white board markers and write and draw positive messages on my bathroom mirror. I find doing affirmations while looking and touching my heart to dramatically enhance to power of this mind altering practice. This is a great way to get a positive reflection to start the day off with some very powerful intentions for the change you desire.
  3. Having a water container that you have with you through the day can be a good anchor to you morning practice. I like to infuse positive affirmations and prayers into my water and then intend that my subconscious mind will repeat these messages every time I take a drink. This magnifies the affirmations and prayers. Our mind is a powerful tool and is working all the time in ways we are not aware of and we can condition it to work for us.

Play around and mix it up. See what works for you and make it your practice.  It is best to try to keep it simple and remember it takes some time and dedication to get huge results, though you may find a big shift in how you feel on the first day you try this. Good luck and have fun!



Google that Stuff!

Oh no, no yoga here. Look at this sign.  It looks so real(not really) and it has almost 5000 shares on FB with people so upset at this atrocity. Really? How are people going to be able to see what is real if they cannot discern truth from fake. Seeing is believing? I mentioned it was fake and I saw a picture, mentioned how people are gullible and then was attacked, demanding to see the real one, saying I was being mean. 

Oh no, no yoga here. Look at this sign.  It looks so real(not really) and it has almost 5000 shares on FB with people so upset at this atrocity. Really? How are people going to be able to see what is real if they cannot discern truth from fake. Seeing is believing? I mentioned it was fake and I saw a picture, mentioned how people are gullible and then was attacked, demanding to see the real one, saying I was being mean. 

Oh, reality. Maybe they need to protect or restore the environment? Who knows, but if you want to find out, call the city and ask.

Oh, reality. Maybe they need to protect or restore the environment? Who knows, but if you want to find out, call the city and ask.

Want Truth? Fact? Reality?

Then Google it and make sure what you see or read is for real. It might take a bit of research to uncover the true facts, so be diligent. Facebook and even the nightly news is filled with misleading, racial and social inaccuracies.
It can be hard to find the facts on social media and the news in this digital age of deception. It is very easy to manipulate what we see and even what we here.

Check out bad lip reading video here

We don't even know how people really look any more with all the digitally enhanced images. We can even create new bird species for false scientific journals.

Limited only to the imagination and time willing to put in the effort, almost anything can be created to seem true. Look at the advancement in the cinema, we are creating incredibly realistic anything we can think of. James Cameron waited till the technology was available to create Avatar. That was years ago now and we are in a hyper technological growth period. 

We need to balance and use this time for regeneration of our Earths resources and ability to sustain us humans and all other creature in harmony. This is going to take lots of trust and for that to happen, we need to move beyond deception.  

Authentic expression of our feelings and desires is key. If we hide any of this we are replacing it with something else. It is okay to feel the way we do. There is a reason and purpose and something on the other side of expressing how we truly feel. Something real and empowering, something that feel good, new and exciting. It is us and then we are truly ready to show up and be us in our life. Fearless, except when we are not and then we take it on again and arrive victoriously present in who we are. 

Life is an Epic Journey. Your life is an Epic Journey. Go for it. People will get so mad and that's okay. People are going to be so inspired to take action and that's awesome. People will be jealous and just need some more love. People are going to feel all kinds of ways.

You, your going to feel awesome, empowered, challenged, frustrated, blissed out, mad... Your going to feel best when you are you to the max. Be it and those that truly love you will be so stoked in the awesomeness and realness you bring into the world.

"Everything is figure out able!" -Marie Forlio

There is always a lot to figure out. What do I get at the store, should I buy that shirt online, what is my life purpose? Lots to figure out. It is much easier to figure out what YOU want if you are present in yourself being authentic to your feelings.

Feel into all the info that comes your way, through any outlet, from newspapers, to friends, to facebook and so called experts. Google it, research, and trust in your feelings. We all make mistakes, we don't all learn from them.  We must accept our mistakes to make real changes in our self. It's okay, we do some stupid shit sometimes. More than I would like to admit.

There are people out there doing their best with all the technology available to make something look or even sound different than it really is and people are getting better at it all the time. There are lovers out there and there are haters and they can look a lot alike much of the time. There is some harsh love that needs to be spoken and some deceptive hate that can pull people in. 

So my friends, practice feeling into what you see and read and look it up before you share it as truth. We need to all learn to be diligent in sharing high quality resources and information. Lots of people out there need support with this. Be nice and try to help the best you can. Peace

3 Ways to Release Emotional Trauma and Feel Better Quick

Raw yoga web.jpg

We can all be overwhelmed by our emotions at times. How long this affects our life can be from a few moments, a few days or even our whole life if it is never addressed.  

There is an incredible amount of depression and unresolved emotions in this day and age and most of us were taught to be strong, suppress it and not talk about it. I got tired if that and did something about it and you can too.

Emotion, is energy in motion. Energy is like water. Our traumas and disempowered beliefs are like a dam that stops this flow of energy. When it builds up enough, the dam breaks and we have a flood of emotion that usually is directed at whoever triggered the dam to finally break. 

This is why I want to share with you a few exercises that will help you release built up anxiety, frustration, and sorrow.

All the energy that gets stuck inside us just needs to be honored and expressed in some way. Something has happened to us that needs to be given attention and expression.  Focus on the feeling you are having then try one or more of the techniques below and let it go.

Sound it out

Our voice is one of the most powerful tools we have to express ourselves. Here are a few ways I use sound to let it go.

  • Toning or humming is a great place to start. See if you can let yourself naturally match you feelings with the sound. It may take some practice to move past the part of the mind that fights against you empowering yourself, but once you do, the sounds will take you on a journey of releasing and feeling better. How cool is that?
  • Screaming is one of the most powerful agents on the planet for releasing deep wounds. Unless you are out in the wilderness and get all primal, I recommend using a pillow to scream into. You may have to fake it till you make it, but this has the potential for a dramatic life changing experience. Some tissue and chocolate is good to have on hand.
  • Singing along with your favorite songs, ones with positive messages. You don't want to feed the drama with 80's rock.  I have lots of recommendations for your listening pleasure.

Move it out

Movement is another great way to express ourselves and release energy. Any tension or pain in the body often reflects some energy we have taken on. Here are some different ways I like to move things out of my body.

  • Stretching expands our muscles and makes space in our body and can relive the pressure by making more space within us. It also helps to unbind the energy from our muscles to move it out easier.  Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, free flow, how ever you want.  I have explored many ways of moving and like to mix it up and use them all.
  • Dancing is probably the funnest way for most people and with the music it help us move past the mind into a mental space that allows us to let it all go. It can also bring stuff up and I find I need to do some stretching too.
  • Walking in Nature is a wonderful way to be able to move, breathe fresh air, contemplate or just observe the surroundings. Nature brings us back to our Nature.
  • Exercise really gets things moving and gets you sweating too, which is a physical release and all physical matter is energy, so let it go. 

Breathe it out

Breathe is life, it is energy and it is always available for us to use in strategic ways. We can breath in with love, power, healing light or anything we can imagine and it goes into and feeds every cell in our body. We can breathe out our pain, worries, more love or whatever we feel we need to and it is coming out of all our cells. As we breathe, our cells breathe and the Earth breathes.

  • Just stop and breathe. Simple. Breath in and out, nice and deep. Take as long as you need. It don't need to be complicated to be useful. We can always add a little here and there to enhance it. 
  • The Sufi Circular breath or Sacred G Breath is a powerful way balance our energy and calm our mind.
  • "All Love" breath meditation is also great, check out that blog here.

Now if you want to take it to the next level, you can combine these practices together in different combinations or in different ways to achieve optimal results.  

For an example, I like to bounce gently in the shower(not to slip) and tone out sounds. Water is great for releasing emotions, is cleansing and easy to imagine all my worries running down the drain. I will often think about positive affirmations or just let my mind go into the toning to the point I the observer of the sounds coming out, rather than creating them from my mind or ego.

chief saying.jpg

I have worked with a lot of people over the years with these tools and many more and have witness people get on my healing table so heavy with grief, to almost seeming to float around after they have just screamed their butt's off. The cool thing is it is us who does the work. We scream, breathe, move, sing, and dance our way to greater emotional freedom.

May you feel better and happier every day from this day forth. Peace Y'all


How to Increase Your Potential in Any Area You Want

Remebering Me.jpg

Look around, is everything vibing at it's greatest potential? No, not really. There is a lot of out of balance things going on. Many things are not being done in the most harmonious way, or even close. My point here is not to dwell in the negative, but to recognize that there is a whole lot of room to make changes for the better and to do that we can to learn, create and modify new ways in any level of existence.

Either we open our minds to redesign what we think we know or we flow along with what we have been taught. I believe that every area of human existence needs to be addressed continuously. Fortunately, there are many people interested in many things and true change is a collective experience that takes place over time.

We are vibrational creatures that are sensitive to our environment in every possible way. What does this mean? We are influenced consciously and unconsciously(95%) by everything happening around us at all times, in very subtle ways to very obvious. It means that what we eat, drink, hear, see, smell, breathe, what time of day, what day, who is near us, thinking of us, looking at us is affecting us in some way and it all depends on how we are designed.

Our beliefs about the world, ourselves, what we deserve, how beautiful we are, every thought is designed by our personal journey, by all our experiences. It goes beyond us, to all the current and past experiences of the whole earth and the minds of everything on it. It goes deeper than we can ever know because it is endless.

So know what you know and know what you don't know and seek to know more about what your want to know.

It is infinitely complex and also can be very simple.  Lets look at the fundamentals.

  • Eat pure food.
  • Drink pure water.
  • Breath clean air.
  • Hang out with positive people that inspire you.
  • Keep your living space clean and have only things in it that feel good.
  • Take time train and nurture your mind with positive affirmations, prayers, video, books, music and other materials that inspires you to be who you want to be. 
  • Take time to train and nurture your body with different kinds of movement exercise, stretching, touch, bathing, dance, martial arts, yoga, parkor, etc. Explore what is available and try it.

Basically, take as much control over what you can is influencing you in your life as much as you can yo be more and more to the ideal existence you desire. At the same time you need accept the circumstances that are currently not in your power to change. Life is balance and like walking, we take it one step at a time.

Remember keep it simple. There will always be room for growth, things to do and something we can work on. Pick one thing or a few at a time and make them a habit, part of your environmental influence that you choose to have creating you future you. 

Here is a video of me playing guitar with a 432hz tuning(rather than 440hz). I keep finding new information that brings me closer to the natural flow of the Universe. This is a simple little change in tuning that creates vibrations that embody all/many of the geometric building blocks. 

Tune in next week for more about 432 and other tools and techniques for greater connection.

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Leave any comments or questions below. Thank you



3 Simple & Powerful Techniques to Protect Your Energy

                          Golden Bubble Camouflage.

                          Golden Bubble Camouflage.

Do you like going out, but get overwhelmed by all the people and energy?

Are you tired of being drained by Energy Vampires and Space Invaders? 

Know people who talk and talk and talk and don't give you space, and you got things to do?

I know all these things more than I like, so I have some techniques I put in my tool box that helps me contain my energy, not take on other people stuff and bypass long uncomfortable waits just to try to say to someone, "I got to go, see ya."

We all deal with boundary issues all the time on so many levels. From the people in our lives, to the walls that keep our home warm of the coldest days of the years, to the global challenges of human and nature rights. We are all individual spaces interacting in bigger spaces with smaller spaces interacting inside of ourselves.

Every individual space either flows between, interacts harmoniously with or disrupts the other spaces. To flow with and interact in harmony, we must be aware of our own space, the spaces around us and how they are being affected by us and us by them. Our core resonance is a vibrational energetic musical instrument in an orchestra with all of creation all of the time. 

We all need energy. Some get it from nature, exercise, nutrient healthy foods and other healthy activities. Energy can also be taken or received from other people. We all may dip into lower level expressions at times when we get ill, pushed past our limits or triggered in some way and become a drain. I truly am sorry for ever being a drain to anyone and wish to always be a funnel for the Divine Energy to flow into the world.

So if you would like to not be drained by other people, I have 3 things you can do to empower yourself; a meditation, a posture and an action.

The Golden Bubble Meditation

This Golden Bubble Meditation is very powerful and will give you greater energetic strength. It is helpful to do before going into public spaces. I remember using this meditation before going into a bar that had music I wanted to hear in Sedona, Arizona, and as I was walking in the brass door handle reminded me of this technique and I clearly remember feeling amazed at how clear I felt when I left and how I not as challenged as I would usually be with so many people in that environment.  This single meditation has helped my life be so much easier when I was more vulnerable to my insecurities of being around other people.

So here it is. Simple. Imagine a golden bubble around your body.  You may start out just knowing it is there and eventually you will be able to see it in your mind. Your intention is the most important part and will become more powerful with time.

Now we give the golden bubble 3 important qualities.

1: The Golden Bubble is a Mirror and reflects energy you don't want, like people projections.

2: The Golden Bubble is Rubber and other people energy bounces off of it.

3: The Golden Bubble is Slick so no ones energy can stick to it.  

Easy, imagine a golden bubble, it is a mirror, it is rubber, it is slick. 

The Energy Container Postures

Next is a set of postures that will really help your energy from being drained when you are at work, around a vampire or in a challenging conversation. We all have meridians in our body and there are ends to these meridians at the finger tips, tips of the toes and a few other spots on the body. Also the power center below the belly button is a place energy can be pulled from us. These techniques will help stop or reduce the drain of energy from others.

The hands are the easiest place to start. You can bring your hands together in many ways to be effective. Palm to palm with fingers clasped will create a closes circuit for the meridians in the hands. To enhance this, bring your hands to your belly at or just below your belly button. Crossing your legs at the ankles will also close meridians of the feet enhancing your containment of energy. You may notice people who deal with a lot of costumers do this with their hands naturally cause it feels better not to be drained by another person.

Walk Away

Finally if you come across one of those people that won't let a word in and your fed up, just walk away. Do it, just walk away. It feels really empowering to let your actions speak and not have to be "nice", or "do the right thing" when you are feeling assaulted by some hungry human.  Speaking up is great too, if you get the chance.

Hope the first 2 techniques are really helpful and hope you never need to use the last one.

Try these techniques and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Peace and Love,



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Learn a Simple Breath for a Blessed 2014

Enlightened    Buddha copy.jpg

Happy New Year!

Got goals you want to achieve this year?
Would you like to make a big difference in world?

Breathe in, smile saying in your mind "All Love and Understanding fills my heart.

Breathe out "All Love and Understanding shines throughout the world."

This simple meditation has created miracles in my life over the years and it was a bit mystical how it came into my life almost  10 years ago. I was not expecting a lunch date in Sedona that summer day when I entered the deli at New Frontiers health food store. There was a chair calling me to sit across from this kind looking elder sitting across the table. I asked to be seated saying I felt called to sit with him and he responded in a very friendly manner.  

This was not how I usually made friends, though unusual is pretty common for Sedona. Ed "The Waver" Carlson and I shared in some nice conversations over lunch that day and he shared this meditation with me as well an audio story of some of his journeys that he said I could share which I have embedded below.

I just found out tonight after being inspired to share his mantra with you all for an empowered new tool for 2014 that Ed passed away in 2012 at the age of 75. He has impacted many lives over the years including mine. I love his voice and his stories and have listened to them many times and even tried telling a few. We all have our own path to follow and some of the best tools work well no matter what the path is. 

Listen to The Waver Here:

Please let me know what you think/feel in the comments below. Thank you.

Stayed tuned for more cool tools for tuning into great power like this and more.

Blessings to All, 



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